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Paula Levine, Interactive Futures essay


zhang jingna

December 2, 2009

Up and coming photographer from Singapore, Zhang Jingna is the youngest recipient for the Overseas Photographer of the Year Award at UK’s annual Master Photography Awards.

Her work is a dream mixed with high fashion finesse.

milestone: rewind

November 29, 2009

Photos made on March 13, 2009. For photobook, “Rakuen”

Above are the 3 people who have stuck by me in the awkward years, the depression (often reoccurring) , and into first year of college. Despite going to different schools, we’ve managed to pull together through thick and thin. Most of all, they’ve managed to gain the ability to kick me in the face when I go haywire. Thank you for friendship, minus all the sappy BFF bracelet crap, you guys are awesome.

5 years, a kajillion more to go.

toshiyuki enoki

November 26, 2009

Toshiyuki Enoki: mixes art nouveau motifs into traditional chinese paintings. east meets west.

kissing the christmas killer

November 23, 2009

From Yoko Kanno’s studio album, 23 o’clock Music (23時の音楽)featuring Maaya Sakamoto

A song that fights the demons in sleep.

I was heaven sent
Traded for the words I swore that
Every piece of me would still belong
Forever and a day
To someone who cared
Whatever there may be
Ever there may be

You came along
Now I’m going all against the
Promises that I made, and here I am
Falling for your love
Or am I lost in heaven
I don’t know any more
Don’t know any more

Judgement will be made
On a Christmas day
Hiding in the snow, he’s prying me

“Toys if you’ve been good
Knives if you have not”
Better steal a kiss ‘fore I’ll be gone
I’ll be gone