Finally got the website up! Partnered up with Michael and went for a chalk expedition in Granville Island. For more info on the final project, click the link below.

CHALK! DIVA200 Project.

Small video that came along with it:


800 words is way too long for a post, so here it is instead.

Paula Levine, Interactive Futures essay

codelab mobility project

November 17, 2009

codelab mobility project with Michael.

Here are the videos, courtesy of youtube:

1. a very public space featuring the beloved fat pidgeons of the Island.

2. a very public space rarely seen, in which we took a trip down to the Kid’s Market.

3. an edge zone: the zone where a secure area abuts an area that is not secure, documenting the work of construction.

4. a performed gesture using the colour orange : that piece of paper was very loud.

Google Earth Project

October 28, 2009

Park Amsterdam, not really set in Amsterdam.

For this mobility project, I decided to relive my childhood through mapping different areas in the Greater Vancouver area and connecting it to the song, Park Amsterdam. It’s been with me for years, and I thought it would be a good place to start for a narrative. The song is composed by Yoko Kanno, one of my all time favourites, lyrics by Tim Jensen and sung by Maaya Sakamoto.

One day sitting in a tree, I couldn’t help but notice you there in the park.
You weren’t like the others, you could fit me in your pocket,
that seem rather large.

But then you really tried to talk to me, we chatted all about your mom and everything.
And if somebody pointed out the fact you had no wings…
wouldn’t mean a thing.

And like a dream, we saw the world together!
Goodbye to differences, hello to each other.
Harmony, unity, day and night.
You and me, and paradise!

Met the Queen of Hearts, while out dancing on the lake.
And she asked us to a party, “You can bring some friends, but don’t be late!”
Climbed aboard the bus, and it drove us to the castle.
But we didn’t have to pay, cause the driver was the Jester’s brother!
Sadly sighed the King, cause somebody took his cake.
So we gave him some of ours, and he smiled so widely at his plate.
He asked you to sing, and I won’t forget the faces or the awful melody…
you and Jester singing out of key!

Not a better time, could we have for all the moment,
the King beamed, “Allow me please, let my balloon take you across the ocean.”
You and me, across the ocean.
You and me, in harmony.

Didn’t try to put me, in a cage of your convenience, like some others have.
Instead you took me to your favourite garden in Manhattan
and we had a laugh.

Along the way I fell in love with you.
Don’t think that I could ever get enough of you.
And if somebody pointed out the fact that you can’t sing…
wouldn’t mean a thing.


Mapping out my childhood, I picked places of significance:
1) General Brock Park: I was a frequent visitor, my 9 year old self was a monster on the bike. I literally started a bike mob at that park with the neighbourhood kids. There was a tree, a huge cotton tree that I liked to make my secret base.

2) HR MacMillan Space Centre: 7 or 8 maybe? First time to the planetarium; and was in total awe at how many stars there are, and how small my existence was.

3) Playland Amusement Park: 12 or 13, staying there until midnight with some friends; smell of popcorn and cotton candy; being on the Waterlog ride for at least 9 times.

4) Trout Lake: I lived in front of that park/lake for about 12 years. Grew up hearing ducks, kids playing baseball and cheers coming from the backyard.

5) Nanaimo Skytrain Station: 6 or 7 years old, it was the only route I remembered: Nanaimo Station goes to Metrotown. My grandfather, younger brother and I heading to the mall.

6) Fairmont Hotel Vancouver: 6 or 7 years old, Christmas concert in the front lobby. The tinsel on my head was irritating and itchy, nearly forgot my lyrics from all the flashing cameras from eager parents.

7) The Orpheum: 6 or 7 again, those were the years I went to the orchestra a lot, remembered falling asleep and waking up for Danny Elfman’s Simpsons theme.

8 ) Iona Land Bridge: 9 or 10 years old, attempting to walk across the land bridge with parents, and giving up quarter way because of the sunset. I was upset with that, to this day, I still haven’t made it to and back.

9) Van Dusen Botanical Garden: 8 or 9 years old, getting extremely lost in that huge maze, scaring my mother. But I found my way with my classmate, Matt. The childhood crush.

urban intervention part 2!

October 28, 2009




Handy dandy fly whacker-ma-bob. Lily looks grossed out at how huge it was.


And the bug attacks!

It was pretty irritating to put it up, there were staples all over that pole. But it gave the fly a bit of a lumpy 3D effect. There were couple of his fellow flies swarming around, and the smell was not nice. Some people walked by, and asked if it was a Halloween installation. I told them no, and in a few minutes later, watched the wave off a fly or two and understood the vinyl. I felt that I should’ve made multiple flies, but I am very broke at this current moment.

This is what lives off your old cooking oil, folks. Yum yum yum.