Finally got the website up! Partnered up with Michael and went for a chalk expedition in Granville Island. For more info on the final project, click the link below.

CHALK! DIVA200 Project.

Small video that came along with it:


cole grifter

December 3, 2009

This August, I had the honor to design and do illustrations on a CD cover for a local B.C. band from Victoria, Cole Grifter. Michael, the bassist and my old boss just sent me a copy of the CD.

Here’s the actual design and logo:

the garden of everything

December 3, 2009

Another Yoko Kanno (Majority of the music I own is Yoko Kanno, so bear with me) production featuring her protegee, Maaya Sakamoto and Steve Conte from the New York Dolls (!!). The lyrics are written by the eccentric Tim Jensen, and it is a beautiful poem about parallels. The Garden of Everything was written for RahXephon, an animated series just as eccentric and surreal that deals with the theme of love in a post-apocalyptic world. Illustration and design was all by Yamada Akihiro, a artist previously posted.

The series still remains close to my heart through using music as a main element, and a universal tale told in a unconventional way.

800 words is way too long for a post, so here it is instead.

Paula Levine, Interactive Futures essay

zhang jingna

December 2, 2009

Up and coming photographer from Singapore, Zhang Jingna is the youngest recipient for the Overseas Photographer of the Year Award at UK’s annual Master Photography Awards.

Her work is a dream mixed with high fashion finesse.