order made

September 28, 2009

This song is on repeat every time I start a new school year. I’d be sitting on the 50 bus, with a cup of hot chocolate and having this just in my ears. It’s one of those songs that questions all the choices you can make in your life, and what it’s like to have a conversation with someone in your head. Someone you know very well, but not entirely, physically there. I get chills watching the music video, the way it’s filmed is just so breathtaking.

Order Made is by one of my all time favourite bands from Japan called  RADWIMPS, and they’ve recently left the indie charts to pursue a bigger career. Good move of them, because their songs should gain more exposure because they’re brilliant. Originally they were 4 high school kids who decided to fool around with rock instruments and look where they are now. Their concerts are usually sold out in full mosh pits with hundreds of screaming fans singing along to the lyrics. There is always an occasion where I have their music in my ears, from life drawing, doing homework, going home from school, thinking about someone—it’s as if their songs bring about this huge nostalgia, reflecting something about myself that I’ve long forgotten.


why dear blue?

September 23, 2009

”Dear Blue” is an simple guitar instrumental piece composed by one of my all time favourite composers, Yoko Kanno. She was featured at the VAG last summer at the “KRAZY!” exhibition on comics and animation. Kanno was recognized for her soundtrack work for Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, and one of my absolute favourites, Wolf’s Rain. She has an incredible range of genre when composing music: from epic classical pieces to technopop to funky jazz. In Japan, she’s known for her short commercial melodies and quirky soundtracks for movies such as Honey and Clover and Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls over here in North America) Kanno also collaborates with a wide array of vocalists and bands, like Steve Conte from the New York Dolls, Italian songstress Illaria Graziano, James Wendt from the Swedish band Staireo, and Australian vocalist, Scott Matthews.

“Dear Blue” was composed for a movie called “Su-Ki-Da” (好きだ), a story about 17-year-old Yu going through the phase of first love and crushes with a boy named Yosuke. The melody is played throughout the movie by Yosuke, who suddenly decides to quit his passion for baseball to become a musician. Though, he’s not very good with the guitar. It’s a very minimalistic film with very little dialogue, lots of long shots of silence, long shots of scenery. Kanno accompanies the movie with simple guitar and piano melodies that brings out the bittersweetness of first love and eventual separation of the two characters.

Give it a watchie, it’s nice eye-candy. 🙂

late night photoshoppery.

September 19, 2009

jenny looks like jesus

jenny looks like jesus

Panorama project for DIVA 200.

Used a couple old photos of my friend Jenny back from Digital Imaging Essentials, and stitched some old sky photos together for a panorama base. The trees in the back are a stock. I was working on this a bit during class, and PS totally crashed on me. I didn’t save, but it happens so often that it barely fazes me anymore. I didn’t intend to add a person in the image, but somehow it just ended up that way. I tried to imitate ukiyo-e since my head has been filled with that type of art lately. It’s an art movement that was so heavily based on traditional media, and I wanted to see how it would look like if I made something similar but completely digitized.

Click the image for a better view @ my deviantart.